Spirit restoration is not your everyday contractor or construction company.  Here at Spirit restoration we specialize in insurance related property damage and total restoration of that property to its pre-loss condition. 

When you experience a loss at your home or business, which warrants an insurance claim, you are going to be in for a world of shock and confusion.  Not only is your home suddenly and unexpectedly damaged, but you also will have to deal with the insurance claim process, and many confusing terms and procedures.  This is where we make the difference! We are specially trained and highly qualified to work with your insurance company directly. We will efficiently and professionally walk you through the insurance estimating process and use the same pricing and estimating software that your adjuster and insurance carrier utilize.  We will greatly increase the speed in which payment is made by the insurance company, and also rapidly repair your home for the insurance proceeds only, and not a penny more. 

When you have a significant loss that requires an insurance claim, don’t trust that job to just any old “contractor or remodeler”  call the craftsman and Insurance claim specialist at Spirit Restoration.

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